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How did we do in 2017?

Green Cube 2018-07-19T15:57:26+00:00

Green Cube

Green Cube is formed of a set of applications and structured data obtained during the care process.

These tools guide users towards a model for efficient resource management via the integration of care, management, billing and provisioning processes.
Its implementation has supposed the unification of all the medical records of all the patients treated by HLA, thus guaranteeing that any patient can be attended at any centre in our network. This is because the relevant medical history can be easily accessed, which means in turn that the care is more traceable and secure.


  • Green Cube features departmental applications which make it the most complete software on the market, seeing as it was designed and developed by a multidisciplinary team with ample experience in the healthcare sector. It is based on the constant evolution that is gained from the experience applied by our care managers.
  • The program facilitates the exhaustive use of the data entered and it guarantees the total security of said data. Our professionals can access it from anywhere using any device connected to the internet and it offers managers a powerful statistical analysis tool for the use of data in real time: comparison of periods, achievement of objectives, monitoring of results, quality control, etc.
  • Additionally, it has an SMS service for sending alerts about strategic management issues, in order to assist in decision-making processes, and it has new features such as fingerprint-based patient identification.