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How did we do in 2017?

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In 2017 we continued to promote our presence at events and conferences such as:

Fitur 2017

This is considered to be one of the best healthcare tourism events in Spain and has a high impact worldwide. Its objective is to boost healthcare tourism, which is a booming sector within the panorama of national tourism.

To do this, it features a specific area which collects suggestions from participating companies; an analysis forum in which to debate trends, innovation and success factors in healthcare tourism; and a space for conferences and business meetings.

The National Congress of Hospitals

This is a biennial meeting which brings together the biggest healthcare stakeholders in Spain, from both the public and private sectors, with the objective of strengthening the professionalization of healthcare management and to continue improving medical care.

In 2017, the HLA Hospital Group participated very actively with 23 papers, 9 press releases, 14 posters and a stand. These portrayed our entity’s experience and commitment to continued improvement, alongside the Group’s desire to have the most advanced technology in order to achieve excellence in healthcare.

In this respect, the HLA stand presented the Quantus foetal lung maturity test – a project designed to detect neonatal respiratory sickness rates without the need to use an invasive technique. Until now, this disease was still the main problem of premature babies, despite the prenatal and postnatal treatments.

The Andalusian Healthcare Fair

HLA Jerez Puerta del Sur collaborated in the 1st Healthcare Fair organised by the Ministry of Equality and Health of the Jerez City Council. The objective of this action was to promote healthy lifestyles – understanding health as a state of integrated balance and not just as the absence of illness. The ultimate goal is for citizens to be able to make their own decisions concerning their health, and to provide education, from infancy, in the habits with which we can prevent future illness and disease.

Expomed Salud

HLA La Vega participated in the first Healthy Mediterranean Lifestyle Fair, Expomed Salud, a platform for the promotion of healthcare and wellness tourism in the Region of Murcia.

The HLA Hospital Group took part in this convention with a stand in which it provided skincare consultancy using VISIA, an image superimposing system which qualifies the state of the patient’s skin. There were also various presentations given by professionals from the benchmark centre in Murcia, the HLA La Vega Hospital.

High Complexity Workshop

The Alliance for Private Healthcare of Spain (ASPE from the Spanish) organised the first workshop in which to share knowledge about medical high complexity and it brought together Spain’s most prestigious private medical collective. The HLA Group was represented by Dr Jesús Paylos, Head of the Cardiac Electrophysiology Group of the HLA Moncloa University Hospital. He devoted his presentation to Auricular Fibrillation, the current state of how it is handled, diagnosed and treated via pulmonary vein cryoablation, a technique in which his unit is a leader.