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Key aspects of 2018

Constant monitoring 2018-07-19T13:08:25+00:00

Constant monitoring

The integrated control panel is a set of tools for the statistical analysis of the organisation’s treatment-based and non-treatment-based indicators.

  • TREATMENT PANEL: display the hospital activity in real time.

  • ECONOMIC PANEL: analyse and compare periods of time.

  • RADIOLOGY PANEL: monitor the organisation’s achievement of objectives.

  • HOSPITAL GROUP PANEL: constant monitoring of the results of management decisions made.

  • MANAGEMENT AGREEMENTS PANEL: personalise graphs and indicators.

  • MANAGER INFORMATION: use various information filters.

  • CLINICAL INDICATORS: programme SMS alerts for the quality control of care.

  • REPORTING SERVICES: programme periodic summaries of general information via SMS.

  • DATA WAREHOUSE: find out about management costs, indexes, activity and productivity, analysing them by processes, professionals and services.