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How did we do in 2017?

///HLA Health Services
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HLA Health Services

We came to realise that international activity could be a strategic objective for our hospital. Our aim is to earn trust from our patients by giving them an excellent and rapid service in the realisation of the healthcare activity they require. The keys to success in this activity have essentially boiled down to giving, at all times, a personalised, immediate and accessible service which is based on excellence. We do this by establishing optimum empathy with the patient and their family, and we are well aware of the culture shock and the certain amount of insecurity that can be caused by being attended or operated on in a hospital outside of one’s own environment, in another country, in another language, and with a different healthcare system.



Calls to the
Emergency Coordinator Centre

Coordinator centre


(Compared to 2016)
Total activity

House calls


House call consultations.
3,077 related to paediatrics

Virtual doctor


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