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HLA in the society

Social Action 2018-07-19T16:04:29+00:00

Social Action

HLA’s strategic plan emphasises our commitment to society and puts forward the need to collaborate as much as possible with non-profit organisations. Some of our agreements with these entities have been maintained over time and others are signed for specific projects and needs.

In 2016, we collaborated with around thirty social, sports and cultural entities and in 2017 this number exceeded one hundred.

Among the projects we support is the sponsorship of the HLA Alicante basketball team, which is also known Fundación Lucentum and which is in the Spanish Basketball Silver League; Lleida Esportiu football club which is in Spanish Second Division B; and Albacete Nexus Femenino, a women’s football team from La Mancha which is in the country’s top division.

We have sponsored the first Adapted Sailing School in Almeria, through which disabled persons undergo therapy by practicing sporting activities.

We sponsored almost one hundred activities in 2017, including: the 40th anniversary of the El Ejido theatre festival, the Tío Pepe music and art festival, and the International Music and Dance Festival of Granada, one of Spain’s oldest arts festivals. We have also been involved in activities that took place in the various cities in which we work: initiatives such as the Andalusian Healthcare Fair, the creation of the ‘Back Comic’ which is aimed at teaching children about healthy posture habits, and the Organisation of Female Entrepreneurs and Professionals in the Region of Murcia, with whom we signed a manifesto for equality between women and men in the workplace.

In terms of culture, so far in 2018, women’s units have been presented in our centres alongside the music of Manu Tenorio. The singer, who is the face of these units, is going on tour with support from the HLA Group.

The entity’s greatest involvement has been seen in the strengthening of the non-profit communities and organisations which work in the same areas. These include: the Spanish Group of Patients with Cancer (GEPAC from the Spanish), the Spanish Association of those Affected with Lymphoma, Melanoma and Leukaemia (AEAL), United Fire-fighters Without Borders, etc. Our commitment to the most disadvantaged areas has crossed borders via the donation of consumables to associations such as: EducAcciONG which works in disadvantaged zones of Europe, Latin America and Africa; collaboration with the NGO Enyanin on projects in Algeria; and the donation of a surgery for the most disadvantaged areas of the Sahara, via Amal Esperanza and the Vicuña Foundation, among many others.

The HLA Group has formulated a calendar for 2018 that showcases the company’s principles, reaffirming and consolidating the hospital group’s role in society.