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HLA in the society

Code of Ethics 2018-07-19T16:03:08+00:00

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a guide which is based on certain ethical principles that are considered fundamental and it features various behavioural guidelines for all professionals associated with the Group.

The company’s professionals must bear in mind that every decision they make and everything they do, particularly in the performance of their professional activity, may have effects on the company’s reputation.

Consequentially, they must know about and understand the guidelines contained in the Code, they must act in the spirit thereof and they must also help others to do the same.

The Code gives guidance on how to act in ethically complicated situations. However, it is impossible to predict all possible situations that may be faced in day-to-day life. Therefore, an Ethics Office was also created and we recommend that our professionals visit it when looking for additional guidance and support, when they have doubts about a certain principle or behaviour.

The Code aspires to be one of HLA’s differentiating values in the environment in which the Group works, with its scope of application being all the professionals performing their duties for any of the Group’s companies.