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HLA in the society

Research 2018-07-19T16:04:02+00:00


The HLA Hospital Group undertakes intense activity to contribute to research and education in the field of healthcare by collaborating with projects for training, support and collaboration in the dissemination of knowledge, innovation and technology.

In 2017, in addition to taking part in the training of future professionals, we collaborated in various national and international research projects including:

National consensus to treat tendinopathy

Tendinopathy accounts for between 20% and 30% of sports injuries.

This consensus was responsible for unifying the criteria for treating this issue and it involved participation from Dr Cristophe Ramírez, Medical Director of HLA Sanz Vázquez.


This research involved participation from Dr Kovacs, Director of the HLA Moncloa Back Unit, and it resulted in the definition of the international protocol for the identification of patients for whom pain radiating to their legs is due to a herniated disc.