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HLA in the society

///Prizes and Accreditations
Prizes and Accreditations 2018-07-24T10:40:19+00:00

Prizes and Accreditations

In 2017, the HLA Group was recognised as one of the most important actors in the sector and this was demonstrated by the various prizes it was awarded, including:

Optimist Hospital Awards

The third Optimist Awards named the “Dream Unit” of HLA Vistahermosa (Alicante) as the best unit in Spain in terms of services.

Dr José Ramón Vicente Rull, Manager of HLA Mediterráneo (Almeria) and HLA Moncloa (Madrid) was voted second in the competition to receive the “Green Nose Manager” award. The Optimist Hospital Awards recognise the best initiatives and practices carried out in the healthcare sector. The prizes aim to showcase the latest advances in neuroscience and positive psychology that demonstrate that a person’s surroundings have an impact on their thoughts, their emotions and therefore their behaviour.

The objective is to contribute to improving the health of hospitalised patients by encouraging initiatives or practices that generate an optimistic environment for the patient and their family.

TOP 20 Awards

The La Vega (Murcia) and Los Naranjos (Huelva) hospitals, which are part of the HLA Hospital Group, received prizes in the TOP 20 awards, a hospital evaluation programme based on objective indicators obtained through data registered in the care process.

This year, for the first time, prizes were awarded to the centres which have adapted best to the reference classification for the clinical codification and registry of diseases in Spain, CIE 10 ES (ICD).

HLA Montpellier Gold Star

HLA Montpellier in Zaragoza received the Gold Star recognition from the Institute for Professional Excellence, which means that the Aragonese hospital has now been recognised for the excellence of its work for five years in a row.

Every year, the Institute for Professional Excellence gives this award to the most outstanding Spanish institutions, companies and professionals. The potential winners are institutions, companies or professionals who are capable of innovating and fostering good economic and social development, with a philosophy aimed at Total Quality in all of their actions. They must show positive tendencies, be committed to continual improvement and always be respectful of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).