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How did we do in 2017?

///Professionals and collaborators
Professionals and collaborators 2018-07-19T15:49:53+00:00

Number of staff members and collaborators, and rate of increase

We work with 9,100 professionals and collaborators, managing their talent so as to ensure the quality of their care, to improve recognition of our patients and to continue growing.

With this threefold purpose in mind, we choose to give continuous training in technical issues and skills. Last year we provided almost 39,000 hours of training to 30% of our staff members.

3.690 doctors

More employees

2016 – 7250 employees

This permanent effort in training has had a positive impact on patient satisfaction surveys, reflecting a high level of acceptance our services.

Our overall score was  85 points.

Professionals per category

Our extensive training and 36 years of experience enable us to offer assistance that is based on our values: humane care, medical excellence, personalisation, responsibility and specialisation. We have highly prestigious professionals who ensure that the assistance we provide is of the highest level

Category No. of employees
Management 1,18%
Nurses and assistants 55%
Administration 17,02%
Others 14,14%
Total 3.478

Average age

43 years

Rotation index

5 %