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How did we do in 2017?

HLA Patients 2018-08-30T09:20:44+00:00

HLA Patients

HLA is continuing to provide better healthcare assistance to its patients, putting them at the centre of all its strategies by making processes more agile with real time control. This is a commitment which affects the patient’s experience.

Therefore, we are extending our agreements with insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, businesses and service provider companies. Patients referred to us by public bodies, including by state mutual insurers, and private or individual patients make up the rest of the group’s clients.

Mutual Insurance Companies
Service Provider Companies

Insurance Companies
State Mutual Insurers
Private Patients
Individual Patients

The HLA assistance network was formed with an open-minded ideal, collaborating with both public and private entities, and taking care of patients from diverse origins. This stems from the agreements established with the National Healthcare Service as well as with various insurers and service entities.

For this reason, we maintain agreements with over 500 different entities, among which are national and overseas insurance companies which are involved in healthcare services as well as other types of insurance, care centres which refer patients for treatment in our facilities, and mutual insurers for workplace accidents.

In 2017, we continued with our growth policy, increasing our volume of business by 3%.

This is in additional to an annual growth rate of 6% in terms of patients attended, with a highlight being the increase in newly created departments such as the integrated specialities centres.

TAll of this has contributed to our treatment of more than 3,5 millones patients over this past year.

Total income


2016 – 71.000 income

Annual growth


Compared to 2016