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National Pharmacy Commission

//National Pharmacy Commission
National Pharmacy Commission 2020-07-09T10:54:17+00:00

The National Pharmacy Commission is another step of the Purchasing Centre, which is a multidisciplinary body made up of representatives of different HLA hospitals.

Its objective is to drive forward a distinct change in the efficient use of medicines, via rational selections based on scientific evidence, thus guaranteeing better results in the patient care process. Its mission is to balance innovation and sustainability in the use of pharmaceutical products.

The commission is working on various projects and objectives:

  • The implementation of a pharmatherapeutic guide system which guarantees the selection and evaluation of medicines, based on criteria of evidence, security and efficiency.
  • The creation and update of pharmatherapeutic protocols based on scientific evidence.
  • The standardisation of the areas of activity, organisational aspects and care activities of HLA’s pharmacy services.
  • The promotion of the safer use of medicines in the hospital environment: prescription, preparation, distribution and administration.
  • Analysis of the use of pharmatherapeutic resources.
  • The update of regulations.
  • The coordination of training actions in matters of medicines.
  • A response to hospitals’ questions about pharmatherapy.

Main activities carried out in 2019:

  • Completion of the pharmacist management course, writing the training program and the skills assessment for the personnel preparing intravenous cytostatic mixtures.
  • Evaluation of the Oncology department processes in each of the hospitals of the group in line with the current recommendations on the safe handling of antineoplastic drugs.
  • Implementation and follow-up of the Prescription, Preparation and Administration Program for Oncology and software to minimize errors in the preparation and administration of chemotherapy (LUG).
  • Creation of working groups to improve and follow up cancer treatment.
  • Analysis of the cost and consumption in the following sections:
    • Cost of medicine used for patients admitted supplied by the Hospital manufacturing units.
    • Consumption of Daily Defined Doses per therapy group.
    • Cost of medicine used for outpatients.
    • Cost for patients with chronic diseases (establishing one code, for the entire group, of the most common diseases).
    • Calculating the cost of dispensing to outpatients.
  • Updating the good practices protocol on the handling of dangerous drugs.
  • Implementation and follow-up of the program to optimize antimicrobial use (PROA).
  • Implementation and follow-up of the Spanish Medicines Verification System (SEVEM).
  • General use of the closed system drug transfer device.