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HLA Digital

HLA Digital 2020-07-09T11:23:42+00:00

HLA on the net

Appointments on the Patient Web Portal


2018 – 142.224

2017 – 80.000

App Downloads


2018 – 5.000

2017 – 3.000

Fans on Facebook


2018 – 11.000

2017 – 11.000

Followers on Twitter


2018 – 12.500

2017 – 12.300

Website sessions


2018 – 622.105

2017 – 328.000

Website hits


2018 – 1.480.568

2017 – 677.911

Patient Web Portal

HLA has continued with its open-minded policy on its mission to provide excellent treatment for the care of our patients’ health and illness prevention, increasing its volume of business by 3%.

The Patient Web Portal not only facilitates the direct and immediate management of appointments in all of our facilities, it also enables users to access results, reports and tests, whichever hospital the patient goes to. This is thanks to our single electronic medical history that is used by the entire network.

The system offers various options: arranging and altering an appointment; printing diagnostic image reports, admission reports, external consultation reports or clinical analysis results; accessing your record of previous appointments and pending appointments, with the ability to cancel any you wish; and all with full security as regards access.

Currently, almost 80,000 patients have already registered on the Portal so that they can manage their relationship with the HLA care network and over 43,000 appointments have been made through the platform.


The HLA Group has taken another step forwards towards being closer to its patients with the launch of an app.

Among the most important characteristics of the app are the time saved by the users and the effectiveness of their healthcare. The HLA App for smartphones and tablets enables patients, if they belong to a company that allows this function, to use their mobile device to identify themselves and register their arrival at the centre, a process which was traditionally done in receptions or by cashiers.

It is an application which, in addition to avoiding unnecessary waiting times, can be used to consult analytical reports, radiology tests and admission reports. The HLA App is another step forward in HLA’s commitment to

making healthcare more agile for patients, so that they only have to worry about what’s important: their health. The Patient Web Portal was launched in the middle of 2017 and it offers a complementary service to our personalised care, seeing as users are given the chance to organise their own appointments, receive results and obtain information about their medical record.

The HLA App is available for Android and iOS and both downloading and using it are completely free. This initiative is aligned with the digital transformation process resulting from the entity’s commitment to the patient’s experience, showcasing its excellent healthcare and treatment.

Green Cube

The use of Green Cube in the Group’s hospitals began in 2012 and since then a significant investment effort (3 million euros in just the last five years) has been made for the tool’s implementation and continued improvement.

Thanks to Green Cube, there has been an improvement in the achievement of indicators such as the reduction in average stay and in the number of cases of neglect in ERs, the increase of off-site appointments and the reduction in admission times for inpatients and emergencies. In total, the impact of these improvements supposed a saving of over 2.5 million euros for HLA Healthcare in 2018.

In addition to the benefits indicated above, Green Cube constitutes a powerful piece of statistical analysis software, facilitating the exploitation of data in real time, the comparison of time periods, the monitoring of the fulfilment of objectives and results, and quality control.

The tool has a specific module which enables the monitoring of the quality management process and the generation of a control panel for analysing performance evolution.

In the corporate sphere, Green Cube continued to be installed in new centres throughout 2018.

These centres included the dental clinics of Milan, Brazil and Salamanca. The adaptation of Green Cube software to the speciality of Ophthalmology has enabled its commissioning in 15 centres throughout Spain:  Malaga, Vistahermosa, Benidorm, Elche, Denia, Torrevieja, Moncloa, La Vega, Cartagena, Valencia, Jerez, Granada, Seville, Lérida and Albacete.

The attractiveness and advantages provided by the tool have meant that various external hospitals have contracted its services. In 2019, it was the CQM Private Hospital, HC Marbella, CM HC Ceuta, CHIP, Comprehensive Private Hospital Complex, Victoria Eugenia Hospital and Bofill Clinic, whereas abroad 2 Hosna Medical Care Companies have been set up (Saudi Arabia).

As well as the improved efficiency of internal processes, the implementation of Green Cube has enabled the Group to offer its patients and insured parties various benefits, improving their experience with the company’s service.

In 2019, progress on the project to transfer the Green Cube infrastructure to Azure in the whole HLA healthcare network has continued. This milestone supposed a significant improvement in the satisfaction of all the parties involved: professionals, patients and collaborators.

Digital fingerprints

In the interests of protecting the data of patients and policyholders, as well as for the digital transformation and the Group’s pledge to help patients access the centers, all the centers of the healthcare network, including the dental clinic and ophthalmology clinic network have a fingerprint patient identification system.

HLA´s fingerprint identification system is a proprietary system with the capacity, robustness and upscalability to handle the fingerprint identification of all of our insured parties.

The fact that it is a proprietary system also allows us to develop it and better adapt it to our needs and those of our centres.

The system is based on the initial imaging of two fingerprints of the index fingers of the patient’s right hand. These images must meet specific quality parameters, as set by the system, so that they can then be processed and give a good result in the identification. The two processes in the system that are necessary and clearly distinct are:

Initial registration or enrolment. This process is carried out once only when the data is first recorded in the system, the fingerprint of the policyholder is associated with their NIF (Tax ID Number) and their valid insurance policy.

The identification. Just with the fingerprint, the system can identify the policyholder and show, thanks to different processes included in the system, the valid insurance policies (health and dental) that the policyholder has at that moment.

In total in 2018, 32,986 fingerprint registrations and 335,974 identifications were made in our centres.

A fingerprint is one of a person’s individual characteristics, it is unique and the configuration of lines remains the same throughout one’s life. Therefore, the images do not need maintenance or renewals. This gives our fingerprint identification system the following advantages:

  • It is a precise and secure identification system.
  • It is the most convenient way to guarantee the authenticity of each insured party.
  • It is easy to use, both for the insured party and for the professional or medical centre.
  • Once the insured party is registered in the system, they can use their fingerprint to identify themselves in all of our centres, without the need to use their healthcare card or any other form of identification.
  • It is an innovative system.
  • It helps us to show the world what we are: a modern company with systems that are adapted to modern times, with a constant improvement process.